crazykid85 (crazykid85) wrote,

Issue 2, Volume 1

I haven't gotten around to posting much, but two incident's occured recently which really made me want to share. First, I was on the highway a few weeks ago on a road trip to visit my girlfriend. It's just after sunset, and the highway isn't too crowded. Well, on the shoulder of the road, I see a car pulled over. As a curious driver I kind of slow down and look out to see if there is someone in the car or if it is abandoned. However, lo and behold, there is a guy standing in front of the car getting his dicked sucked by a chick. Unfortunately, I was going 70mph at the time, so I didn't get much of a show. I think it was great. They could stay out there all night, and people would just pass by barely getting a look. Oh, and the second thing. Last week, I was going to my car in that I parked in a parking garage. As I walk up and unlock my door, something draws my attention to the window of the car next to me. Looking over, I see a young couple fucking in the back seet of their parked car.I would have loved to stay and watch, but I didn't want them to look up and notice me and call the cops. It did make me horny for about an hour afterwards though.

I'll try to include some more updates soon, I just didn't think it would be right to keep those little tid-bit's to myself
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i get a bit horny too when i watch two people making out. i haven't seen two people having sex though, haha.